We are Off the Wall

and we love theatre

We engage some of North America's finest backstage theatre artists to instruct and inspire learners. Our courses and workshops will bring you behind the curtain to learn how to construct and paint impressive sets; build props ranging from faux food to furniture to flicker candles; and design and create breath-taking masks, wigs, makeup and stage costumes.

Every learning opportunity we offer is intensive and hands-on, conducted in a working studio where you receive one-on-one mentorship from our artist instructors. The goal of our mentors is to pass on the knowledge they have acquired through years of professional experience to the next generation of artists. 

Established in 2005, Off the Wall is a registered charity.(#853478964RT001)​

“I'm a drama teacher, I work with a small theatre company and I'm always learning new ideas to bring back to my students and to my theatre.
Board of Directors 2018-2019

Off the Wall is governed and administered by a volunteer working Board of Directors committed to the arts and education.

Chair: Michele Boniface

Vice-chair: Susan Starkweather

Executive Secretary: Pam Zabel

Registrar: Cheryl Strickland

Treasurer: Gerry Rehberg

Operations Committee Chair: Jeremy Cox 

Events Committee Chair: Susan Starkweather

Members at Large:  Stephen Degenstein,  Adam Hendrik, Kevin Kemp, Simon Marsden, Georgia Steele, Cathy Winhold 


Maryanne Cox, Deb Erb, Terry Manzo, Gail Tolley, Susan Wright, Michelle Jamieson


We can put many things you might be discarding to use! Consider donating surplus fabric, art supplies, and construction materials.

 EMAIL US to find out more.

Off the Wall thanks our sponsors and supporters
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