Artistic Welding 

Artistic Welding may be taken as part of the

Theatre Production Arts certificate.

In this intensive, one-week course, discover the excitement and satisfaction of crafting in metal. Explore how to manipulate steel by bending, welding and texturing it to give life to your creative expression.

In this course participants will learn and expand skills used in building stage sets and props:

  • Train in the safe and effective use of power tools and equipment;

  • Explore the metal-working basics:  welding, cutting, grinding, shaping and fitting;

  • Practise and get creative with MIG welding; 

  • Discover Oxy-Acetylene gas brazing techniques;

  • Learn how to shape and hammer metal including using jigs and applying heat.

This is not a ticketed course. It is an artistic welding course meant to challenge students in the fascinating world of metalworking. Both sessions of Artistic Welding cover the above techniques, enabling participants to heighten their skill levels with imaginative projects.


The low student-to-teacher ratio in each course ensures instruction is geared to the participant's skill level and experience. Please indicate your related experience when you register.

Each participant is ask to let Frank know of a design that they are interested in creating. This information will be required when you register.

Margaret with sculpture 2.JPG


Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm


Desmond Heeley Studio,


163 King Street

Stratford N5A 4S2

Target enrolment: 6 students

For more information contact:

Susan Starkweather, Program Advisor

Natalie grinds wide.JPG