COVID - 19 Student Protocols

At Off the Wall Theatre Production Facilities



Off the Wall is committed to keeping a clean and safe classroom and studio, so that learning can happen in the safest way possible. We will provide personal protective equipment (N95 and/or surgical masks, face shields, hand sanitizers, goggles, as needed) for students upon their arrival to the studio. The space is equipped with high-end HEPA filtering units, and will be regularly cleaned for the duration of the course. Maintaining cleanliness can only be done with students accepting their responsibility for their role in ensuring the safety of others. 


In-class Protocols 

  1. All Off the Wall students and teachers must be fully vaccinated to attend the course, and must show vaccine passports and photo ID upon arrival. (Fully vaccinated means two, preferably three vaccinations.)

  2. Each student will complete a health declaration, as well as a temperature check, each day for the course duration.

  1. All students must wear a mask while indoors, unless they are eating or drinking in the factory163 event space, where they may take off masks while consuming.

  2. Students are asked to wash or sanitize their hands often.

  3. Students must respect social distancing at all times when interacting with others in the class. Staying at their desks or assigned work stations is the best way to ensure appropriate distance. We do ask that the desks or works stations not be moved, as they have been placed in accordance to COVID-19 protocols.

  4. When interacting with faculty, if the instructor has to be closer than 6 feet to teach a specific skill, he/she must wear a face shield as well as a mask and the student may add a face shield, as well. Maintaining a 2-metre distance is recommended.

  5. If tools or equipment must be shared, cleaning and sanitization are expected before and after use.

  6. When using the washroom facilities, students are asked to enter, wash their hands or sanitize, then use the facilities, then wash their hands again.  

Food Protocols

  1. Students are encouraged to eat out to get different air for the duration of their lunch.

  1. Weather permitting, there will be chairs and tables provided near the warehouse entrance door for those who bring their own lunches and wish to eat outside.

  2. During inclement weather, students may take their lunches into the Factory163 event space, where there is ample room for social distancing. (Food may not be consumed in the studio. Bottled water is permitted.)

  3. There is no shared microwave for use, so lunches will have to be prepared accordingly.

Testing and Documentation

On the first day, upon arrival, students will be given a rapid test. They will administer their own swabs and share their results with the Health and Safety Coordinator. Those with negative tests will head into class. Any with uncertain or positive tests will be asked to leave and self isolate for the provincially recommended time frame. 


Students who are coming from outside Canada, will need a negative PCR COVID-19 test within 72 hours, before taking the course. Please bring with you copies of COVID-19 documentation.  Students from lockdown areas will not be permitted to take a course. In this case, refunds or rescheduling can be arranged by Off the Wall Admin.


Other Important Information

Changes to these protocols may come as the COVID-19 protocols often shift. If the Stratford ON area, or Huron Perth Region, is in a lockdown, courses will be cancelled and refunds or rescheduling will occur.  Should students feel unwell during the course, they are asked to stay at home and refunds or rescheduling will be determined.

Protocols updated January 2022