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COVID - 19 Protocols for Faculty 

Off the Wall Theatre Production Studios 

Off the Wall is committed to keeping a clean and safe classroom and studio so that learning can happen in the safest way possible. This cannot be done without staff and students accepting their responsibility for their roles in ensuring others safety. 


Class Set up Protocols

  1. Desks should be arranged at a distance of 2 metres between desks in all directions. Portable Plexi-glass partitions are available for use from Off the Wall, however 6-foot distance between students should still be respected.

  2. Staff should think about different ways to teach that do not require up close and personal teaching. New approaches to teaching the material is encouraged. If it is possible for teaching materials to be dispersed electronically that is one way to minimize contact.

  3. Before classes begin, decant materials (if possible) into Tupperware or other personal containers so that students can minimize sharing and minimize mingling physically in the space. This may mean you also have individual tools for them to use. This may increase your prep time.

  4. You may need to adjust your curriculum, from what you would normally teach, in order to account for the time it will take to clean surfaces between uses and to ensure space and safety protocols are upheld. 

  5. Sanitization and cleaning materials will be available. Desks must be wiped before and after each course day. This task should be done by students; however, the H&S Co-ordinator will oversee the task and ensure that furniture and high-touch surfaces are cleaned daily.

  6. Fans cannot be used during class. Furnace filtered fans and the exhaust system will switched on during scheduled breaks when students go outside for fresh air.


In-class Protocols  

  1. Each faculty member and student will complete a health declaration, each day, for the course duration; they will also have daily temperature checks. 

  2. All students and faculty must wear a mask while indoors, unless they are eating or drinking in the space, when they may take off their masks while consuming. However, they should be strongly encouraged to go outside for lunches or snacks. 

  3. Staff are asked to wash or sanitize their hands often.

  4. When interacting with students, if the faculty member has to be closer than 6 feet to teach a specific skill, either goggles or a face mask must be put on by both the faculty and the student. However, maintaining a 2-metre distance during teaching moments is preferred.

  5. As courses are from 9 to 5, in order to meet air standards, every two hours (at most) students and faculty will vacate the teaching space for a 15-minute break to allow for air purification in the space. During this break, turn on the filtered fans and exhaust system.

  6. If tools or equipment need to be shared, cleaning and sanitization are expected before and after use.

  7. When using the washroom facilities, staff are asked to enter, wash their hands or sanitize, then use the facilities, then wash their hands again.

  8. Students must wash their own tools, in a distanced manner, when using the sinks.   


Food Protocols

  1. Staff are encouraged to eat out to get different air for the duration of their lunch.

  2. There will be chairs provided outside, under open-sided tents, for outdoor lunches.

  3. If students bring their own lunch, they must wash their work surface and hands before eating, and can only sit in their assigned area. 

  4. There is no shared microwave for use, so lunches will have to be prepared accordingly.



Upon arrival, students will be given a rapid testing kit. They will administer their own swabs and share their results with the H&S Coordinator. Those with negative tests will head into class. Any with positive tests will be sent to a Huron Perth Public Health Unit site for PCR testing.  


Students who are coming from hot spots, or from outside Canada, will need a negative PCR COVID-19 test within 1 week or sooner, before taking the course. They are asked to bring with them copies of COVID-19 documentation, such as negative tests and vaccination certifications.  Students who are coming from lockdown areas will not be permitted to take the course. In such cases, refunds or rescheduling will be arranged by Off the Wall Administration.


Staff who are coming from hot spots will need a negative COVID-19 test within 1 week or sooner before teaching the course. Staff who are coming from lockdown areas will need to cancel the course. In this case, refunds or rescheduling can be arranged by the Off the Wall administration.


Other Important information

Changes to these protocols may come as the COVID-19 protocols often shift every month. If the Stratford Ontario area or the Huron Perth Region is in a lockdown, the course will be cancelled and refunds or rescheduling will occur.


Should students or faculty feel unwell during the course, they are asked to stay at home, and refunds or rescheduling will be discussed.

Update June, 2021

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