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Here’s a unique opportunity for Perth County Youth (aged 14 to 24) and parents or guardians to work together in a creativity-charged environment at Stratford’s Factory163.

Just in time for Hallowe’en, this innovative weekend workshop will help you build spooky theatre props and practice special effects makeup techniques. 

Make scary props on Saturday, constructing spiders, tombstones, bones or skulls. To amp up the fright factor, on Sunday create ghoulish makeup effects such as scars, bullet holes and zombie faces. 

Along the way you will pick up valuable theatrical production skills; you may discover a passion that could inspire you to future career options or a newfound hobby. It will take your full attention to work with your partners on these hands-on crafts, so expect to check your cell phones at the door.

The Ghoulish Creative Arts workshop is offered at minimum cost to Perth County youth attending with a parent or guardian. The fee will be returned to families completing the workshop and requesting tuition assistance. 

This unique initiative is supported by a grant from the following funds held within the Stratford Perth Community Foundation:  the Hachborn-Courtnage Fund for the Arts, the Frank and Edda Lang Family Fund, the Laura Pogson Child and Youth Fund and the Stratford Perth Youth Arts Fund. 

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Date: Sat Oct 5 & Sun Oct 6, 2019 

Ghoulish Creative Arts for Perth County Youth 14 - 24

Instructors: Michelle Jamieson & Georgia Steel