This course is designed for those with limited practical experience in set design.  It is ideal for theatre directors, actors, teachers and community theatre volunteers. Those interested in pursuing a degree or career in design should view this course as preparatory to the commencement of professional study.

Prior to the start date, participants will become familiar with an assigned script. Together, they will learn how to analyze and break down a script, conceive a set concept, and communicate their design ideas to the director, set builders and other collaborators. 


In the course, participants will: 

  • Examine text and analyze set requirements;

  • Explore concept development;

  • Practice basic hand drafting skills, working within ½ inch or ¼ inch scale; 

  • Discover how to read and create a ground plan; 

  • Create a design, from thumb-nail sketch to 3-D model;

  • Learn design communication techniques, and discuss constructive collaboration practices;

  • Explore set design presentation techniques.


The low student-to-teacher ratio ensures instruction is geared to the participant's skill level and experience. Please indicate your related experience when you register.

Note: During the course, participants will have an opportunity to watch a set changeover at the Stratford Festival.

Set Design may be taken as part of the 

Theatre Production Arts certificate.

Beauty Queen Model.jpg

Model and Photo

The Beauty Queen of Leenane, Neptune Theatre 


Sean Mulcahy 
ADC Designer and Stylist

LX by Leighann Vardy


Cost: $530

Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Location: Factory163,

163 King Street,

Stratford N5A 4S2

Target enrollment: 10 students

For more information, contact:
Susan Starkweather, Program Advisor