Jester Head Cartouche

This piece was originally on the set of Carousel, Stratford Festival 2015, in clear plastic. Master prop builder Ken Dubblestyne sculpted and produced the positive. Prop builder Jennifer Macdonald papered and base-painted the cartouche in vintage style.


Thanks to our donors: Ken Dubblestyne & Jennifer Macdonald


Value: $500


Opening Bid: $225


Bid increments: $10

How does the bidding work?

1.  Bidding will be open prior to and during the Silent Auction on Friday, February 28.

2. If an online bid is received prior to the event, the amount will be posted here on the website.

3.  Once the silent auction goes live at Factory 163, frequent amount updates will be posted on the website.

4.  Should someone wish to participate online, bids will be accepted and integrated into the live auction up until 30 minutes before the auction closes (approximately 10:00 p.m.)

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