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5 Benefits of taking an OTW Artistic Welding Course

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

1. Take home an amazing piece of art that you created.

Here is a sun dial, a future piece of Garden Art!

Visit the photo gallery from summer 2021 to see more great examples of take home art.

2. Learn skills from one of the best professional Artistic Welders,

Frank Holte.

This picture is one of Frank's sculptures found outside the Stratford Festival Theatre.

Frank headed the Stratford Shakespeare Festival Prop Department for 39 seasons. He is now retired and enjoys teaching his craft to others in a small f2f class (6) using a hands-on approach.

Click here to read Frank's biography:

3. Learn important artistic welding skills

This is not a ticketed course. It is an Artistic Welding course meant to challenge students in the fascinating world of metalworking. All sessions of Artistic Welding cover the following techniques, enabling participants to heighten their skill levels with imaginative projects.

Train in the safe and effective use of power tools and equipment;

· Explore the metal-working basics: welding, cutting, grinding, shaping and fitting;

· Practice and get creative with MIG welding;

· Discover Oxy-Acetylene gas brazing techniques; and

· Learn how to shape and hammer metal including using jigs and applying heat.

Visit course page to learn more about the skills taught, summer dates and costs of this course:

4. Learn from other Artistic Welding students!

Frank with students in the summer of 2021.

Student evaluations included comments such as...

- Frank is awesome, he knows his craft and is more than willing to share ideas and get into the fray to personally assist individuals

- I have always wanted a piece of metal art, could not have done it without Frank

- This was a course that required work but led to great benefits like learning new skills and taking home a piece of metalworks

5. Attending Artistic Welding or one of the 14 other courses offered by Off the Wall gives participants an opportunity to spend time in Stratford. Stratford, Canada is the home of the largest Shakespearean Theatre in North America.

This is the newest world class theatre found on the banks of the Avon River. It is one of 3 sites that presents plays by William Shakespeare and other well known playwrights. The musical Chicago is playing in Stratford during the 2022 Season.

Click here to learn more about the Stratford Festival!

If this course is for you then...

​ ​

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