SPFX Makeup On A Budget

OCTOBER 20 - 21, 2018
Course Closed 


Learn everything you need to know for creating Special Effects Makeup with a limited budget during this two-day,intensive course. Using nothing more than everyday household items, beauty makeup and baking ingredients, you will learn that Special Effects Makeup is all about using your imagination and getting creative with what you have on hand. This course is great for community theatre participants or anyone looking to improve their makeup game for Halloween, cosplay or theatrical productions.


In this course, participants will learn and expand on the following skills:

  • Identify and utilize everyday household items to create quick and easy budget-friendly special effects including mixing fake blood, homemade gelatin prosthetics and 3D gore texture

  • Get more out of your everyday beauty makeup bag by finding products that assist in special effects makeup to keep budget friendly

  • Learn how to apply and paint various special effects makeup looks including cuts, bruises and burns

  • Experiment with and practice different techniques in a fun and safe learning environment using the makeup kits provided


Participants will receive a $50 Special Effects Makeup kit included in the course fee. Due to the nature of the course, students are asked to bring their own everyday beauty makeup including eye shadows, pencil eye liners, lip colours, lip gloss and foundation. 



The low student-to-teacher ratio in each course ensures instruction is geared to a participant’s skill level and experience. Please indicate your related experience when you register.

​The course fee covers the cost of basic materials; however, participants have the opportunity to work on personal projects. Depending on the complexity of those projects, additional costs for materials may be incurred and are the responsibility of the student.

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Cost: $295
Day and time: Saturday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Location: Factory163, 163 King Street, Stratford N5A 4S2
Target enrollment: 8 students

For more information, contact:
Susan Starkweather, Program Advisor