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How To Apply For A Student Bursary

You can apply in just two steps!
  1. Use our online form to submit basic information about yourself and your rationale for why you should be selected

  2. Have someone who knows you submit a letter of recommendation via email to


Seem complicated? Don't worry! Our registrar is here to help you.

The 2017 application window is now closed.

Before You Begin
  • Be sure to read our FAQs on financial assistance
  • Make sure you are eligible
    • You must be registered in the Theatre Production Arts program. To be registered, you must complete the registration form and pay the course deposit.

  • Decide who will recommend you for the award
    • Select someone (an instructor, teacher, employer, representative from a volunteer organization or similar) who can speak to why you would be a good choice to receive the bursary.

    • Ask them to write a short letter (one page) on your behalf and email it directly to with your name in the email subject.

    • Be sure to let them know that we may contact them to find out more about you.

  • Plan how you are going to tell us why we should select you
    • Decide on the two to four main reasons why you should receive a bursary from Off the Wall, covering both what the program would mean to your future as well as demonstrating that you require financial assistance.

    • Decide how to present your reasons. One way to do this is a written narrative that you can type directly into the box on the application form (maximum 500 words or about one page of text). But we welcome other ways that you might want to express these ideas like a slideshow or a video. Your own imagination is the only limit on the way you put your case forward.

    • If you are not going to send your rationale as text typed right into the application form, please use that box to provide a brief description of how we will receive it. For example, type in the rationale box on the form “Rationale is a PowerPoint that will be emaiedl” or “Link to YouTube video rationale will be emailed”. That way we'll know what to look for and be able to add it to your application package.

Emailing Files To Us

Common file formats that you might use are:

  • doc

  • docx

  • pdf

  • ppt

  • pptx

  • jpeg

  • jpg

  • png

  • mp3

  • mp4

  • mov

  • avi

  • mpeg

  • wmv

Many files you create will be small enough to be sent by email but some might be too large for email. In that case, we will need to consider DropBox, Google Drive, YouTube or even a CD or USB flash drive as a way for you to send us the files. Please email to arrange to send large files or for any other technical assistance with your application.

Final Checklist

When you have finished your application, use this checklist to make sure you have completed all the steps.

  • Have you filled in all the boxes in the application form and clicked submit?

  • Have you received an email confirmation that the form was received?

  • (If you are not using the rationale box in the form) Have you emailed your rationale to

  • Have you asked someone to write a letter of reference for you and to email it to


If you answered "Yes" to all these questions, then you are done! Expect to hear the results from us by June 15.

Submission Deadline

We must receive all your application materials no later than June 1 but we really encourage you to submit your materials early. That gives us time to make sure that we have everything, that we can open all the files you sent and that we can play any video or audio recordings. We'll also have time to contact you if something is missing or isn't working.

A Final Word

We are Off the Wall and we love creativity and ingenuity. You definitely get extra points for showing us your artistic flair. We hope you have fun pulling together your application! 

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